Student work

1. Drypoint with chine colle and fabric.                                        Class: Strategic methods in conceptual printmaking/Monoprint

2. Monoprint using string.         Class: Strategic methods in conceptual printmaking/monoprint

3. Aquatint, drypoint and chine colle. Class: Survey in printmaking class

4. Aquatint on BFK Rives. Class: Survey in printmaking class

5. Screen print on BFK Rives.    Class:Strategic methods in conceptual printmaking/monoprint

6. Monoprint, drypoint on BFK Rives. Class: Strategic methods in conceptual printmaking/monoprint

7. Artist book: Silkscreen, string, ink, graphite. Class: Studio foundations

8. Drypoint, monoprint, chine colle (fabric and paper).Class: strategic methods in conceptual printmaking/monoprint

9. Artist book: Sculpey clay, transfer print, hemp cord. Class: Drawing/Printmaking

10. Class collaborative installation: Full scale replica of Pablo Picasso’s Guernica painting reimagined. Each student was responsible for a three foot panel, and utilized at least four methods covered in class(  ie: line texture, value, color etc) Class: Studio Foundations